Back in March, Instagram announced that in the next few months would introduce an algorithm that would change the order of displayed posts. In practice, this meant an end of chronological posts. Right now Instagram shows those posts which you are interested in and posts of the authors you are interacting a lot with. If course, the impact is put on likes and comments. In reality, 70 per cent of content on Instagram is not viewed. So the change is rather an improvement and better match to your interests. In fact, if we miss something on Instagram, it should be something not that vital. This time, we’ll look at how online shops with furniture deal with new Instagram feature. Although, honestly speaking, interiors “sell” just as well as fashion on Instagram. Or maybe even better! So how to sell furniture on Instagram? 


Sparkling lamps by LBL Lighting are on sale at 15% off. But only for a limited time.

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The brand has been active for more than a decade. It specializing in furniture and lighting. 2Modern appears at design fair trades and searches for new projects from young designers. With 70 thousand followers on Facebook, the brand kick off with Instagram account. Totally different content is posted on both profiles. Pictures of bestsellers and new products are posted on Instagram. The brand also publish user-generated content of well-styled interiors.

ABC Carpet & Home

…and brought back textiles, furniture, and other Moroccan treasures…

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ABC Carpet & Home is an example of an online store, which has many more followers on Instagram than on Facebook. The brand is popular among Americans who appreciate the craftsmanship and artistic objects in the house.

tiny treasures for days. 📷: @laris_bart

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Blu Dot

It was founded in 1997 and since then has grown into an alternative to Ikea to offer minimalistic furniture, lighting, carpets and home accessories. The brand posts images of new products and items which has just been placed to the online outlet.

Summer vibes still strong. Hot Mesh Chairs and Table. Photo by @mpettipoole. #summer #Hot #design

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Bungalow 5

Almost 30 thousand followers on Instagram are found of beautifully styled interiors photos. Each collection of Bungalow 5 is designed and produced by a group of young designers from New York. They sometimes use very unusual materials imported from various parts of the world. Instagram account almost entirely relies on user-generated content and influencer marketing.

Jayson Home

Everything's so pretty and green. Just the way we like it.

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What started as a small shop with home accessories 20 years ago, it is now a well-established online store with modern designs of furniture and vintage treasures.

Classic drama.

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Made Goods

A brand focused on supplying showrooms, designer’s ateliers and individual customers with furniture. The brand’s Instagram stands out of the other similar profiles because of its love to the unique materials – particularly natural.


Safavieh became famous for selling furniture which are only produced in limited series. As limited that sometimes you may find a table that is only one of a kind! In addition to products from really small carpentry stores, the brand offers items from global, well-renovated brands.

Modway Furniture

This brand is well known among film production staff who looks for set pieces. Modway Furniture Instagram shows the different styles of flat, mansions and houses interiors – from mid-century to modern eclectic style.


When the brand has already created its clear directions and formulas, it has to stand out of the crowd. How to create unique stories with brand’s DNA on social media? Read about Instagram storytelling in shades market!

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