Nowadays, anyone can become a content publisher, but as it turns out – not everyone should. We have talked to Karolina Rafalo from the marketing and sales team from Prowly – a tool to manage relations between PR-managers and media. What are the communication trends that will shape year 2017? 




Most brands have really interesting stories about their beginnings, which they want to share with the world. What are the best media channels to communicate it in the most efficient way? 

I personally think that the best way to show your story would be through a video. Short movie or an animation allows you to show a whole story of a brand without losing your viewers’ attention. What’s more, studies have shown that materials containing videos are being shared 40% more often that those made of a plain text. That’s why if you dream of your story going viral this is the way to go.

Is Press Release still a good solution for communication? Or is already passe?

Some people claim that press release is dead. I partly agree with this statement – now for a press release to be effective it needs to be filled with facts, but also interactive and personalized. It became popular to combine various forms of communication – adding tweets or embedding videos to a press release is a common thing now. Something that was shocking a few years back not becomes a standard. I believe that is a great switch!

Everyone can now become a content publisher. On the one hand, managers require high quality of the texts, on the other their effective distribution. From experience and observation of the industry – what are your tips for content creators?

Main thing would be the quality of content. Like you said – every person can start creating their own content but not everyone should. There’s a lot of articles that don’t bring any extra value to the reader or people who copycat texts written by influencers. For me less is more – it’s better to create one valuable material that can bring us a lot of new readers than few mediocre ones that no one will ever notice. Good content contains both facts and stats – do your research and don’t forget to cite your sources.

What will 2017 bring in the matter of social media? 

It looks like it’s going to be a hectic year. I predict that 2017 will be all about video communication – the less edited the better. People care about honesty more than they ever did before and that’s why Instagram stories, Snapchat and live streaming are becoming so popular.

I also think that storytelling will still keep its position – brands will keep on creating magazines and sharing behind the scenes materials. Recently Edyta from Prowly put her effort to prepare a compilation of trends that will shape comms in 2017 – worth checking out.

What do you read when you want to find out what’s happening in marketing and social media?

One word – Medium! It’s easy to sink into it, highly addictive. For me there’s no better place to be – thousands of reliable articles written by its great community. I follow many publications and among my favorite there are definitely ‘Marketing & Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Marketing & Growth Hacking’.

What’s an interesting thing is that more and more companies are now moving their magazines to Medium – like Slack or Buffer – and since this year we also joined the crowd with our publication.


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