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Sometimes the journey starts right from the very beginning, as it did with @matteau.swim (28 000 followers), an Australian swimwear line by stylist Ilona Hamer. The brand joined Instagram when they first started working on the label three and a half years ago, but they only placed a holding image there. Then, they started posting their campaign images – to tease their launch – that the account really came to life. In the tease phase they were building a gallery of images that represented the brand and they’ve just grown from there. Curating is the key word to start with Instagram account.

MATTEAU on @intothegloss! The gorgeous @coraemmanuel @tomtakesphotoss 💦

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Instagram ranks high on social media platforms tailored for brands that want to increase their reach and engagement.

The best way to increase interactions on Instagram is a contest. It activates user generated content and it requires your fan-base engagement. How to start preparation for a contest?

In order to prepare the strategy of the contest go through 10 steps to help to plan it. From setting the target to monitoring the submissions. 

In 2014 “Dazed” started running Dazed Emoji Polls on Instagram as an extension of polls that are featured on Dazed Digital. The engagement was extremely high!



The @dazed and @dazedfashion accounts aren’t just about bold imagery – they are all about starting conversations. People can vote using emojis. Dazed covers topics from fashion weeks trends to fashion students everyday life.

Instagram has democratized fashion, revolutionising the way people discover, experience and connect with the brands. It offers both emerging and established designers and labels a powerful opportunity to reach local and global audience.

Whether it’s watching the latest fashion show live as it comes down during Fashion Week or getting sneak peak of the limited collection, Instagram gives consumers a window into new world.

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