Social media became not only the center where a customer can engage with the brand but it stands for the powerful channel of distribution as well. As for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, a brand can easily link their activity to an online shop. With only one clickable link on Instagram it has not been that easy before.

Lettly is a tool for brands with online shop that helps overcome the problem of no direct links on Instagram. And just like that – gives one more extra distribution channel, that can be much more effective than Facebook when it comes to sales.

The tool includes two main features:

  1. Link – shoppable feed in your bio that lets your followers buy what they see instantly.
  2. Mail – after your followers like a photo they receive a product buy page straight to their mailbox.

70 per cent of Instagram users are looking for inspiration and new brands they can discover. When the followers already put in the comments the questions about availability or sizes, it’s the sign for you that there is a social demand to consider Instagram your additional sales channel.

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In addition to this, have you spotted that your customers are having problem finding the piece on website? Asking where can they actually buy it? Or just asking about availability? They could check it on their own with just one direct click.

The best way to discover how Lettly is working is to sign up for free trial. With just your basic data, you can use all of our features for 14 days!

How to start? Read our blogpost explaining step by step what to do to fully take advantage of the tool (it’s as easy as uploading images on Instagram).

If you really want to use the full potential of the tool and Instagram, you should plan the strategy for Instagram. First of all, except of the mood pictures, to allow the customers to actually shop, you need to provide them with product pictures. Learn how brands are using Instagram and storytelling for their benefits.

After implementing Lettly, you could finally use your Instagram images as well as those created by your influencers and customers not only to promote but most importantly to sell your products. One of the best ways to generate user generated content and gain more followers and engagement is running Instagram contest. Check how to do it like a pro.

To fully use the Insta-commerce potential:

  • add your lett.ly link in the bio
  • describe shortly that product in the picture can be easily find in the bio
  • promote new feature and Insta-shopping with a fun gif or a picture
  • don’t forget other social media channels – drop a line about link-to-buy and mail-to-buy on Facebook or in your newsletter

Read our two case studies to discover how easy and profitable is Lettly. Compere the goals, marketing strategy and results of two brands which has implemented Lettly’s tool.

We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters sells knitting kits for all level types with wool, cotton and other fabrics. Check their Instagram strategy.

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Deezee Shoes

Deezee with 160 000 followers on Instagram has become one of the e-commerce leaders of the region. The brand decided to make Instagram one of the their sales channels. Go through all the solutions Deezee Shoes chose step by step and learn about the results.


Strategy should also include a promotion of the new feature on Instagram. Let your followers know that there is an easy way to search and buy your products. You can use Canva for preparing cool graphic designs. You can find more inspiration here.


Do you also want to start selling on Instagram like Deezee, We Are Knitters and Local Heroes? Test us for free here!

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