Underwear brands try different ways to reach the potential consumers on social media. They post sneak peeks of the latest collections, previews of the editorial campaigns user-generated content and most of all, they interact with their fans.

We have gathered few social media strategies of the lingerie brands for you. Except for the eye-catching content, they have really thought-out marketing strategy on social media worth to learn!


Victoria’s Secret

Is there any brand that could defeat Victoria’s Secret on the level of engagement on social media? Especially on Instagram? Only one post is able to collect over 500 thousand of likes and generate even few thousand of comments.

Yes, you can wear white now.

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Victoria’s Secret is one of the best performers in social media environment. Based on the number of followers, response time to user requests and the level of engagement (comments, likes and resharing).

How were those results achieved? You may think that it’s easier for brands from the lingerie industry (because of interesting content) However, with 40 million of followers on Instagram and 27 million on Facebook, Victoria’s Secret has also a very high level of engagement.


Victoria’s Secret Pink Line sends personalized messages which inform about promotions, bonuses, sales and limited series. Each post in social media assures the users that the brand cares for them and they should be loyal. Victoria’s Secret engages users by asking questions, organizing contests and polls. Users want to share the content and the brand rewards for such activity. This is a perfect example of maintaining the close relationship with the users on social media.

Twitter engages users through promotional posts, responding to customers’ reactions to the products and taking into account what is currently happening in connection the brand. The #pinktruck action was all about pink trucks visiting university campuses in USA. On Twitter, the brand was informing about the locations. The game was all about finding the Victoria’s Secret mascots. In return, you could have special prizes and little surprises. It is more creative way to build engagement in social media than high-budget photo shoots posted on Instagram (although it usually works for social media as well).

La Perla

It’s an Italian luxury brand focused on underwear. It was founded in 1954 in Bologna by Ada Masotti who used to produce corsets. The name was inspired by the beautiful packaging. It was presented in little boxes covered by velvet – as if it were expensive jewels.

Currently, the brand has more than 150 boutiques around the world and is  known for its Italian craftsmanship and high quality products. La Perla is very strong on Instagram (with 260 thousand of followers). Facebook and Twitter have got 145 and 33 thousand fans respectively.

How does La Perla use Instagram? It’s ideal platform to share visual and eye-catching pictures of products, photos from photo shoots or production lines and sometimes even pictures straight from the design studio in Italy. Instagram is the platform which gives the insights and access to content which has never been published before.

A special day calls for special underwear, just like the romantic LaPerla Freesia set. #bridal #LaPerlaLingerie

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Instagram doesn’t only serve as a beautiful album. Users put comments about new campaigns, write reviews about the products, share opinions about the brand. Instagram profile reaches a global community of fans who usually shop in one of the 150 shops. That’s why the online communication with customers is so important. Instagram is not only limited to promotional purposes but also takes over the job of customer service (order, delivery, availability of sizes and styles).

All of the photos with hashtags #laperla or #laperlalingerie are regularly monitored. The brand frequently posts user-generated content which creates strong emotions and engagement (increase in the number of likes, comments and reposts).

A visionary approach seeking perfection for an immortal elegance: La Perla Atelier. #LaPerlaLingerie #Atelier

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Taking into the account just last 100 posts, only 2 of them are videos. The brand believes that images are more effective than videos. The strategy for the videos on Instagram limits to the key events – fashion show (during Fashion Week in Paris), sneak peeks of the collections, and start from A/W2015, the brand has publishing production videos on Instagram showing the craftsmanship and high quality.

La Perla focuses on organic engagement. The brand promotes only those posts which are considered to be the biggest generators of comments. La Perla concentrates on power of hashtags and influencer marketing (mostly with supermodels) to build the reach.

Adore Me

Instagram is a place where the brand inspires the users and of course the other way around. If any colour or style appears more often in UGC, it might be the sign for the brand that exactly this colour or style could be introduce to the coming collection. Adore Me is entirely devoted to UGC and the brand very often benefits from the content created by users on social channels.



Brand Everlane has created private profile on Instagram  (@EverlaneStudio) as an additional support to the main business profile on Instagram. The brand adds only 100 users per day. Everlane Studio presents the information about coming events, promotions and bonus. The mechanism is similar to the marketing associated to provide sample sale in boutiques.

While managing the social media of lingerie brand, keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook prohibits the publication of nude photos (even if they have artistic subtext). This includes photos and videos that show genitals, completely naked buttocks, female breasts (although breastfeeding mothers are allowed) and sexual intercourse. In contrasts, photographs of paintings and sculptures depicting nudity are fully acceptable.

How important are Instagram and other social media for lingerie brands? In most cases, Instagram is the head of strategy in social media for most of the underwear brands (Intimissimi, Carine Gilson, Third Love, God Save Queens, Aerie). It allows you to visually represent products. It is also the fastest growing social platform in terms of community and number of followers.

If you are looking for ways to increase engagement, plan the strategy of a contest on social media. Read how to run the contest on Instagram.

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