Who does not secretly dream of high indicators of clicks and open rates of newsletters? What if you could deliver the message exactly when the subscriber would like to read it? Marketing activities can actually be automatized!


Four key tasks of marketing automation:

  •         Develop and analyse the marketing campaigns and customers
  •         Manage marketing campaigns
  •         Organize customer data
  •         Move contacts from leads to customers




Below we present two interesting cases of marketing automation, hope you get inspired and implement some of these ideas in your strategy.


Yves Rocher is a leading European producer of natural cosmetics. The brand sells its cosmetics in Poland since 1991. Since then, 104 new brick and mortar stores were opened. Yves Rocher products can be bought via 3 channels: online store, brick and mortar store and by telephone (mail order after telephone consultation).


By implementing marketing automation, Yves Rocher wanted to boost online sales, transfer new customers from website visitors and to differentiate offers, regarding customers’ transactional history.


  • Database segmentation – segment contact by adding tags and divide customers into categories like “new contact”, “newsletter subscriber”, “buyer”. The more detailed segmentation is made inside those groups. Such practice helps to decide which offer should be send to the particular client.
  • Leads – the automatic welcome email gives new leads information about company, its philosophy and natural cosmetics.
  • Contact forms and integration with CMS – thanks to website contact forms, the company gets not only leads’ emails addresses but also their date of birth and other data that can be used to personalise communication (gender, location).
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails and abandoned carts recovering – a person who visited the website but didn’t purchase anything receives an email with a customized discount coupon and the offer for products of interests. Moreover, a customer with items in a shopping cart, who never made it to payment, receives an email reminding of the abandoned cart content.
  • Birthday emails – Yves Rocher sends birthday messages to people who celebrate their birthday on a daily basis, regarding recipients’ gender – customers receive not only wishes but also discounts coupons for male/female products.
  • Website recommendation frames – frames present sets of products like shampoo + conditioner with the information about combined purchase discount. Offering cosmetics sets increases shopping cart value.
  • Dynamic pop-up – pop-up content depends on user’s engagement level (how many times user visited website before) and offered products are picked from frequently viewed (by this person).


Yves Rocher boosts email efficiency by 1200% with personalized, dynamic offers and increases the number of new leads with personalized offer of product sets presented on the website. Option for further development are Facebook integration (leads via social media) and transferring proven and effective practices to foreign offices (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania)

Each brand that decides to go with marketing automation aims to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. It is made by automatically collecting and processing information relating to potential consumers (called sales leads). This eliminates the time consuming task of manually entering and data analysis. Based on the obtained data on consumers interests, demographics and what the user was doing on the page, marketing automation software identifies potential customers and then directs them to the appropriate personalized marketing message. The software automatically prepares the offer and advertising content and sends them to the specific group of customers.




Rainbow is a leading tour operator in Central Europe with monthly users on the website reaching 1mln. The company used to apply marketing actions such bulk newsletters, display remarketing and traditional contact forms on the website, but needed new tools to collect leads and transform them into clients.


One of the main challenges was to fully empower the possibilities connected with online sales processes and to cut high costs of selling services via traditional agent’s network.


  • Digital body language – users’ identification and advanced analytics of their behavior based on the website’s visit, content viewed, material downloaded and keywords.
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails – smart email retargeting, 1-to-1 messages with product offer matching user’s interest, behavior on the website and history of previous transactions which were sent to non converting customers of Rainbow.
  • Anonymous marketing automation solutions –  displaying personalized contact forms to anonymous users on the website


Rainbow increased lead generation from the website by 45% thanks to personalized contact forms to anonymous users, and raised conversion rates on emails marketing by 400%. The option of further development is the synergy between brick-and-mortar stores and the websites using mobile application.

The market of marketing automation is growing rapidly. Leaders for delivering software of this type are Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft and Salesmanago.
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