We have just launched a new Lettly programme for bloggers in the leading affiliate network in Europe – Zanox. Without any extra fee, thanks to Lettly, your Instagram profile will become an effective sales channel!

Till now, only brands with online shop have been monetising their efforts on Instagram with Lettly tool. Lettly overcomes the problem of lacking the direct links. On Instagram, there is only possibility for one link (in the bio). It can direct users to your website or Facebook profile. Or to the online store gallery specially created to facilitate the sales through Instagram. And just like that you can gain an additional distribution channel, which can be much more effective than advertisement and sales on Facebook.

Lettly Programme

70 per cent of the Instagram users look for the inspiration and new brands on this app. If you come across comments or questions about sizes availability or online stores where your fans could find the items, it’s a sign that it’s worth to try our new programme in Zanox affiliate network. With only one clickable link on Instagram, you can monetise your Instagram profile! 

Lettly tool 

Lettly tool consists of two main features:

  • Link – stoppable feed in your bio that lets your followers buy what they see instantly
  • Mail – after your followers like a photo they receive a product buy page straight to their mailbox (main folder!)

By using Lettly link on your Instagram profile, you will be able to redirect your followers to the website of the particular online store. It will shorten the way the customers look for the items and shop in general. As a blogger, you can monetise traffic on your Instagram profile by promoting products from the brands which cooperate with Zanox. Just register on the Zanox system, choose Lettly affiliate program and with no extra fee – start selling on your Instagram! 

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