In Lettly team we think every day on how to improve our clients’ experience, so that you could use all the potential our tool has. Your followers should easily figure how they can easily find the thing they like and that Insta-shopping is really easy. When we start the cooperation with our clients, they receive a short manual what to post and what to write to make most of both our features.

We are impressed how our clients decided to promote their new Instagram feature, below please find some inspiration:

1. Local Heroes

Cool gif in the mood of the brand. Short and sweet description of the new feature, inviting the followers to visit the shoppable gallery: http://lett.ly/localheroes

2. RISK made in Warsaw

This pastel gif incresed traffic coming from Lettly 30 times!

3. Purely Elisabeth

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-20 o 17.59.32

Brand’s followers really liked the news about new Insta-commerce feature.

We are constantly checking what’s up in the Insta-commerce world, so that we could send you the tips of the trade. And then of course proudly show off with best practices of our clients 🙂

Below please find the most important activities worth implementing, to fully use the Insta-commerce potential:

  • add your lett.ly link in the bio
  • describe shortly that product in the picture can be easily find in the bio
  • promote new feature and Insta-shopping with a fun gif or a picture 
  • don’t forget other social media channels – drop a line about link-to-buy and mail-to-buy on Facebook or in your newsletter

Good luck!

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