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How to use social media for a brand’s internal and external benefits? We talked to NoéMie Schwaller, a highly motivated and quality oriented manager within the fashion publishing sector. NoéMie has a proven track record of providing exemplary leadership of a broad range of projects for clients including the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, the British Fashion Council and other high-profile individuals.





How can social media be used creatively to give ideas and an extra dimension for a brand?

By producing relevant content. We’re glued to our phones and happy to engage, whether it’s journalistic, advertisement or whatever – as long as we’re able to ‘like’ it.


How can you maintain a positive image of a brand using social media?

It’s not that you always have the steering wheel in your hands. If there is a shitstorm, there’s not much you can do – but wait until it’s over and repair any damage caused to your brand’s image. Yet, bad news is also news, so it might be quite likely that even negative words on your brand will raise the brand’s awareness. The important thing is that you stay polite, don’t diss anyone unless you have a strong reason for it, and make it in a smart way nevertheless. Keep engaging, be quick in responding, like generously.

Important are the consideration and careful planification of touch points, where consumers get and are in touch with the company. After all, it’s up to them how or where or through which channels they approach a brand. Touch points might be or become selling opportunities and are to cater for an outstanding customer experience. They might also be a point of collecting consumer data that can be used for campaign management.


Are social media accounts the best place to distribute material that may explain or convey a company’s policies or position on issues?

The policies – no. A brand’s position on issues – Absolutely!

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Do you believe Facebook is a good place to share press releases or Instagram a proper one for arranging interviews?

Sure, why not! Both now work as a point of contact as well as a point where fans might look for information. Instagram is mainly visual, so not sure how you want to use it to arrange interviews – and the question here would be what kind of interview. Job interviews definitely not, but content interviews could work via the comment function. Depends on the picture chosen though.


Could you share with us the trends about strategies of reaching the target audience on social media channels?

Be different just like anyone else. No, seriously, there are very good tools you can use to target certain audiences via your social media channels. But first of all, it’s crucial to be active in and with such content. Have a say to be heard.



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