Instagram has shared the same past as many other social media apps. It was developed for socially driven purposes. Yet it hadn’t been lasting for long when it happened to serve as supplement to the brand’s web presence.It simply meant that if you wanted to use Instagram for marketing, and do it effectively at the same time, you had to follow two paths. Either you had to build a huge audience organically or spend money on media to earn a direct relationship with the photo network.

Nevertheless, Instagram with a community of more than 400M is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms. Shame not to use it properly for your benefits. let’s learn about Instagram Ads!

Instagram came up with few solutions tailored to your expectations which either gain awareness or give the possibility to visit your website or download your mobile app.

Instagram ads buttons invite users to “learn more”, “sign-up”, “shop now” and “install now”. Not only does this take care of every point on the sales funnel (from awareness to purchase) but by all means, Instagram brings real (and proven!) business results.



At the time when fashion bloggers are forgoing blogs post in favor of Instagram images and magazines such as W Magazine are commissioning Instagram-only photoshoots, in clearly make sense to follow the users’ ways of consuming content.

Just think subconsciously. When someone says Instagram, only few words automatically pop up in your mind (or at least should): discovery of new brands, relationship-building, creativity and story-sharing. Just make that the home for your content.

When we all agreed on it so far, let’s undertake next major turn. It’s only one step ahead of us: how does that translate into money?

The benefits to advertise on Instagram are very powerful. They vary from targeting, visual and interactive formats and data driven management. Instagram can reach the target group which was not as easy for Facebook. Instagram has been attracting two times more young people aged 16-24 than Facebook. The audience is growing and on top of that Instagram users are much more active than on other social media channels, which means that brands could target younger customers and reach them exclusively on mobile devices.


So what is on the table?



We all come to Instagram for visual inspiration, which means that the simple design allows to captivate images to shake the floor. Interiors, products, nature views, interesting people and well – everything matters. The devil is in the detail, so encouraging customers to discover something about your brand or be part of very cool squad – it all leads to take action. With photo ads, businesses can tell their story through imagery.

CASE: MCDONALD’S POLAND @mamsmakanamaka


Instagram Ads


GOAL: Raising awareness of the slogan ‘I crave for a mac’.

PATH: Playful twist, fun and engaging creativity.

CONCEPT: Based on the premise that when you’re hungry you see food everywhere.

SOLUTION: For the final campaign six images were used, which paired a mouthwatering McDonalds menu item with object from everyday life. The brand relied on iconic nature of their food products and got rid of any traditional branding.

RESULTS: The campaign scored the heights known result on Instagram (814% uplift in ad recall) and significant lift in campaign awareness.



It offers the same visually immersive quality as photo ads plus combining sight, sound and motion. Available so far up to 60 second long and in the landscape format. Video ads on YouTube have shown that films have the power to move people – from just encouraging them to be able to see the business directly and far to the other spectrum of the continuum, which is taking action.

CASE: ADIDAS @adidaswomen


Instagram ads
Adidas Women


GOAL: Promote global ad campaign

PATH: Showing authentic and personal side of sport celebrities

CONCEPT: Adidas kicks off global ad campaign with a series of short films titled ‘I’m here to create’ with a cast of a number of female athletes showing how they introduce their creative DNA into sports.

SOLUTION: Featuring Caroline Wozniacki, Candace Parker, Hannah Bronfman, Robin Arzon and Nicole Winhoffer, Karlie Kloss, Sasha DiGiulian, Ana Ivanovic and Adriene Mishler each video relies on content send out from the celebrities’ Instagram account and shows how they do sports as well as have fun.

RESULT: The film series is an extension of Adidas’ there year brand plan that kicked off in 2015 which airs globally in more than 50 countries during key moments including UEFA Champions League among others.



Carousel ads means extra bonus for the users (and businesses). People can swipe to see additional images and a call to action button takes them to a website to learn more. For instance, a fashion company could use the carousel to show examples from lookbook, share campaign photos or even deconstruct the individual products in a ‘look’.

CASE: L’Oreal Paris @lorealmakeup


Instagram Ads
Loreal Makeup


GOAL: Promote the longevity of L’Oreal’s Infallible makeup line

PATH: Cooperation with influencer

CONCEPT: Encourage to empower women to be their own makeup artists through education, makeup products, tools and inspirational content

SOLUTION: The day of the influencer in four pictures (morning, midday, afternoon, evening)

RESULTS: Traffic on the official website, increase in signing up for the brand’s newsletter


In the coming weeks, you will see tips for specific ads format to boost your performance and more case studies for emerging businesses.  STAY TUNED!


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