Instagram. First associations?

Hashtags, selfies, Kim Kardashian’s duckface? But is there more to that? Can marketers benefit from this dynamically growing community? The answer is yes, of course.

There are over 300 million Instagram users worldwide. They post 70 million posts and videos every day. Huge potential, because there are not only pictures of romantic sunsets, stupid selfies and cute kittens. There are pictures of everyday lives, in which we are surrounded by brands. And as we all like a bit of a show-off, we place the names of brands among other hashtags in the comment section on Instagram.

What about brands?

Brands realized that potential. But how can you transfer the traffic from Instagram, when there is only one clickable link in the service – the one in your bio? So much content, so little links. Nike was one of the first brands to offer their followers a shoppable Instagram. Nike Women profile insterted a link to a shoppable feed in their bio so that their customers could shop what they see. Michael Kors decided to send emails to each registered follower who liked a given picture. Mail has product details and direct links to the shop.

You may think – these are massive profiles with huge marketing budgets. How can I compare my thousands of followers with million-follower accounts? Instagram users are very mobile friendly, loyal to the brand, 98% aged under 35. So it’s just a matter of scale. Let’s take the example of a Polish apparel brand gone international – Local Heroes. They have over 118 000 very active followers. The founder of the brand admitted that so far it was difficult to keep pace with all the questions that appeared on Instagram such as: “Where can I get that?” or “OMG it’s sooo cute, do you have a pink one?”. Moreover, it was hard for them to measure the traffic coming from Instagram.

Local Heroes decided to use Lettly- a tool linking Instagram with an online shop. In few minutes the brand was able to show their followers a shoppable Instagram feed. There’s also an option of email marketing tool – after a registered user likes a photo, they get an email with product details and shop redirect.

Unusual business means amazing results

You may say that Instagram is made for clothes and beauty products. That’s easy peasy to sell. So let’s appreciate the efforts of Mercedes Benz who together with New York based agency Razorfish runs successful campaigns on Instagram. Their influencer based campaign, promoting CLA model, targeted at younger audiences resulted in 16% increase in sales.

PayPal also decided to use Instagram as a marketing medium. The challengeto use Instagram to promote something so intangible as payment system was huge. The brand did not want to post any heavily branded pictures, so they invited 30 influential Instagram photographers and asked them to capture how PayPal was a part of their lives. The campaign was a big success, generating over 9 million endorsed impressions.

Lettly together with K2 creative agency made a ticket reservation platform on Instagram for one of the Polish theatres. The theatre posted 300 videos, one for each seat in the theatre. The audience could register their email and after liking a photo, they received more information on the play they liked.

The best is yet to come

As you see, Instagram can be used very creatively also for not-so-obvious campaigns. With its massive reach, high engagement rate and relatively young audience Instagram is a powerful tool to create interesting content and promote your brand. You can make it now or cry later!

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