When the brand has already created its clear directions and formulas, it has to stand out of the crowd. How to create unique stories with brand’s DNA on social media? Today we will talk about Instagram storytelling!

We will analyse some of the international brands of sunglasses. We put ourselves in the position of potential customer and we were analysing what is on the market. After some time, it’s easy to realise that so many brands are very similar. They present the same story with almost no different content. What is the difference between D&G and Gucci? Most companies from the premium segment will built the concept on luxury and the time spend outside in the sunny day.

Let’s have a closer look how sunglasses brands present themselves on Instagram. How to lead the story like a pro? And even better than your competitors? Which brands are the best in storytelling? And what you can learn from them?

We have picked brands from the luxury segment, both big and small brands and those which has just started and only beginning to create stories and campaigns on social channels.


Le Specs

The brand is systematically building the image of the most important summer accessory. They created the international cult on social media. Le Specs has become a trendsetter among the shapes of glasses on the global market thanks to few influencers: Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyoncé.


Their glasses works as filters on Instagram. They add effect to everything you see without the application! The brand offers customers the protection of 400 UV and use the sun to change the color. On their Instagram account, they show how the world looks like when you wear their glasses.

Mitsuhiro Matsuda

You will not find sunny and holiday-themed images on Japanese designer profile. Minimalistic pictures are part of the brand’s history and values. The focus is on product images and advertising campaigns rather than storytelling and user engagement. Design of the graphic refers to imperialists Japan form 20s and fascination of art deco.

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Mykita from Berlin stands out in the landscape of alternative brands. The name comes from its first headquarters – kindergarten. German precision, minimalism, high-quality products and zoom to details are visible on the Instagram profile.


The brand is wide-recognised accessory company. Manly because of the shapes and freedom, which allows the brand to continue the niche production. Specifically for Instagram, the brand creates artistic videos.

Gentle Monster

Conscious commutation funnel of Korean brand is a plus. Instagram account serves as connection with influencers and mood board. You can find posts from the campaigns, products images and photos reshears from the influencers and celebrities’ profiles – all wearing futuristic Gentle Monster’s glasses. Instagram is an additional channel to inform about sales and new collections.


A young, Polish brand uses Instagram for the direct communication with the customers. Publishing promotion images is an effective tool to inform customers about upcoming fairs and sales (especially when they are attracting users with bonus and coupons).

Projekt Samsen

A young brand from Berlin prints glasses in 3D. Concept for Instagram? Posting pictures of ordinary people on everyday activities wearing brand’s sunglasses. No additional filters. It looks natural and authentically.


Scandinavian brand of sunglasses posts photos from the opening of the store, advertising campaigns, casual people on the streets and unexpected places where you can find glasses (e.g. in a pile of nachos). In spite of losing the control of the content on Instagram (only a little bit), the brand systematically produces its own artistic and very aesthetic content – of product picture.


The brand strategy is to constantly repost celebrities’ photos in their glasses. Rieti is recognised and visible in many films and television production. The glasses are worn (and shared via social media) by actors, singers and influencers.


How to produce various but still integrated with brand’s DNA content?

  • Post pictures from brand’s history
  • Use user-generated content (e.g. organise the competition among your fans for the most interesting pictures with your product)
  • Post personal images of designers or employees
  • Post picture from the backstage or production line
  • Post information about upcoming sales and fairs
  • Post inspirational quotes
  • Post photos from the show
  • Post latest advertising images from the campaigns
  • Post images of products
  • Post videos (e.g. the inspiration, stories about the beginning of the brand, experience)

Instagram is no longer just digital photo album. Each photo must be posted keeping in mind your goals. Each post should be part of broad marketing strategy. Especially in the current insta-chaos caused by changing the algorithm. Scrolling the brand’s feed should be like reading good magazine and gives the experience of storytelling for the user.

Do you manage the social media of a brand of accessories? What kind of changes in marketing strategy have you implemented to make a difference? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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