Mailings, as one of the online marketing options, can significantly affect the increase sales in online stores – they may, but they don’t have to. I recently heard that in e-commerce it is still mail that converts best. So how to make them profitable?

According to the research of The Radicati Group the number of worldwide email massage (both, sent and received) continues to grow from over 108 billion in 2014 to over 139 billion emails by the end of 2018. But how to make customers (or potential users) open another advertising message, and – what’s more important – consider the offer contained in it?

Customers have become very picky – aware of the enormous competitiveness they are not loyal, if it does not pay off. They expect something more than buyer-seller relationship – they want to feel appreciated, pampered, noticed.


Personalization is the keyGetResponse research shows that personalized e-mails subjects generate nearly 26% higher open rates and over 130% higher CTRs – it is not just about using the recipient’s name in the e-mail. Complete offer that you present them must fit to their tastes, be predictable and appropriate, and also match the depth of their pocket.

Discount – you can use it to encourage higher subscriptions rate. You have to remember, however, that in the long run offering discounts will not create satisfied profits or customers loyalty. After getting the subscriber, you need to take care of your „relationship”. And that is where the real challenge is.

Make friends – inform your subscribers about the changes that took place in your company or website, tell them stories referring to the products that you offer and ask their opinion. Let them know everything about your company and decide about development direction. Story telling is really important trend in e-commerce, where you talk not only about the products, but also let your customers go behind the scenes.

Story-telling in e-commerce.
Risk Made in Warsaw continue to tell their story in their beautiful mailings.

Remind about yourself – you should remind customers your common past, like: “Hello, it’s been a long time since you last visited us! Do you remember that you bought in our store a pair of shoes, which makes you happy and good-looking? Look, we’ve just extended our offer of a new model of that brand!”

Track their activities – after all, there is nothing more painful than abandoned shopping basket filled to the brim with your goods. In this case, it is worth reminding the client – in an email – about the stuff which he choose and also encourage him to action by, for example, offering discount code with a short utility term.

That’s what we do – we create a 100% personalized messages, with click rates 2x higher than regular newsletter. Then, every time someone will like your photo on Instagram, they will receive an email with information about products in it and also a direct link to shop.

Let them share – use the recommendation links, so that customers can share received message with their friends (which you certainly don’t get directly). Encourage them also to share that offer on social media – not only by placing social plugins but by a clear call to action.

Content – e-mail gives us the opportunity to choose any sort of content and combine all of its types. To encourage the purchase of the product you do not have to limit yourself to text information – you can add great graphics, promotional videos, tutorials and tips associated with your offer and – above all – a direct link to the website of the product. What matters is the quality of the content and (earlier mentioned) personalization.

But most importantly, remember – the customer has control over the relationship – whether you like it or not. So get in the shoes of your clients, and include the unsubscribe button, just in case 😉


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