A lot of social media content during Euro 2016 is a great example of marketing strategy which is based on accuracy. Actions requires high alertness, reflexes and commitment. Brands have to react in real time to catch up with current events and the massive traffic on social media made by potential customers. Welcome to the world of real time marketing and sport marketing!


How brands are doing at Euro2016?


Carlsberg and Coca Cola wanted to reward their customers by giving away Euro tickets. But not for free. Producer of fizzy drinks was giving away tickets in exchange for taking the time to participate in the game. Participants had to find the cab which was parked somewhere in London. Coca Cola announced an approximate location on social media channels. Anyone who appeared on the scene  was taking part in the short quiz to win the tickets.

On the other hand, beer producer released a promotion video, which shows how the tickets were distributed.The campaign revolved around the cliché of the interviewers on the streets who are asking to fill the survey. Everyone avoids them! You would probably run when they want to steal 90 minutes instead of just few of your precious time. The situation changes when you actually can pay for the tickets by your free time.



Nike’s fans on Snapchat can marge face with Cristiano Ronaldo himself as a part of the Switch campaign. Nike uses the power of Snapchat to flow with on Euro 2016 thanks to special filter. Sport brand released 5-minutes video, in which Portuguese football star switches the body with young English fan by accident. Video on Youtube has be viewed 27 million times just during few days! It’s part of bigger campaign Spark of Brilliance to show football fans that just one moment can change everything.



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Twitter decided to stress its presence during Euro2016 in a specific way. Just like during many other sport events, the platform has launched special emoticons. Each of the country participating in Euro has its own hashtag and a flag. Additionally, the service joined forces with Orange to illuminate the Eiffel Tower with the colours of the flag that got much support. Orange analyses the social media traffic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by monitoring the number of hashtags (such as #ENG for England, #FRA for France). 10 minutes after midnight, the Eiffel Tower transforms into a unique light show.







To boost the engagement even more, Twitter announced that the best tweet per day will be displayed on the Eiffel Tower. It gives the chance to share 140 characters with the world on the most recognisable place in France. Twitter also works closely with official UEFA account allowing fans to ask questions to the star of each match using @AskMoTm (ask Man of the Match) and @Euro2016.

Uber also surprised its customers for Euro 2016. For example in Poland, Uber’s cars can be seen with Polish flag on a map. Additionally, football fans could also order a delivery with all the necessary stuff such as football t-shirt, red and white pencil for face, match schedule, or bottle opener. It was only available for 90 minutes.


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How to boost the engagement during the sport events?

  • Create unforgettable experiences which are important for fans. Make them feel part of the game.
  • You need to be as authentic as possible. After all, the engagement and commitment of the users depend on it.
  • You don’t want to sound as the advertisement.
  • Each post is an invitation to engage.
  • Reward engagement to keep people share your posts in the future.
  • Select the best channel to carry out your social actions.
  • Build relationships with the users – take them to the next stage of the game or the competition.
  • Create short and attractive content to pay attention.

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