Every once in a while, we hear that shoppable Instagram images are just another marketing buzzword that doesn’t really mean anything, so does it? We sat down with Ida Myran, the owner of the Norwegian sport clothes retailer to talk about social media and sale strategies. In only 2 weeks of using Lettly tool, her online store noted the highest conversion rate amongst all the different channels. So, is Instagram shoppable feed still a buzzword to you?


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You kicked off with a webshop with edgy and sporty clothes in 2014. How did it all begin? What was the inspiration behind the store?

The majority of Norwegian sport retailers, both online and offline, are supplied with the same products, often boring and uninspirational clothing. I felt a need for a different store! As an active runner, I seeked inspiration in foreign webshops offering clothing I consider as motivational clothing. My main vision is that sporty, edgy and eye-catching clothing is a key factor for motivation to be active and feel good.

I have always had a dream of starting something on my own and naturally saw the vision of the store. Since then I had a very strong sense of the success the concept could potentially have. From our first year (2014, 1,4 mill) to our second year, we had an increase in turnover of 370% with 5,2 million NOK [approximately 575 000 EUR] in 2015, this with only one employee.

Since then we have grown in number and see a high interest in what we do, among both suppliers and customers. We see that on a market where competition is hard and access to suppliers limited, our concept has made way and given us a unique position. We want to be top of mind to the consumer when they want something different, edgy and cool when working out, or just chilling out.


Because of the huge trend on being fit, new online stores selling workout clothes are being established almost every day. How hard is it to make a difference among all this competition?

We have stayed true to our concept all the way and are determined that we want to go a different direction than other competitors that often hang on to ‚safe’ products to meet what they consider as mass market. We, on the other hand, have made way for more of a niche choosing products that other suppliers necessarily don’t dare to. This being more edgy clothing, with bold colours, details and print. Our main vision is to choose products that have something with them, being special details, colours or print. Many customers have told us that they did not know certain brands had such cool products in their portfolio, as those they have seen in our web shop.

When did you decide to get a profile on Instagram? What is your content strategy on Instagram?

It was created straight after the company was founded in 2013. We quickly saw the need for this channel to establish our brand image and push sales. When it comes to our content strategy, we set it every Sunday. Our main goal is to create inspirational posts both to give example and engage followers. Seeing that our business is a continuous rapidly changing business, the content can be changed and adjusted as well. That’s why we have this weekly content strategy meetings.

So far, you have reached 29 000 followers on Instagram. How did you gain the first 1 000? Was it any breaking point or a rather steady increase?

Seeing that we started the process of gaining the first 1000 followers back in 2013, Instagram was a new phenomenon and people were more easily engaged into following and joining activities. Gaining the first 1000 was quite easily accomplished. I would say we experience a steady increase thanks to our ambassadors as well as on our own engage actions.

Which other social media channels do you use? Which one is the most effective when it comes to sales and which one is the most engaging?

We have been using Facebook and Instagram since the beginning of the company, but just lately, we have kicked off with Snapchat. The most effective platform in regard to sales statistics is Facebook, while the most engaging one is Instagram, which seems like the best place for tagging friends and commenting.

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You started using Lettly, firstly – as a trial, and then after 14 days you signed up for the regular service. Can you say anything about how the engagement and sales have changed after implementing Lettly?

We used to get questions from the followers – about products, prices, sizes. Lettly was a chance for us to make online shopping very easy for our followers on Instagram. At the same time, now we are able to see the number of users and track sales on Instagram.

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We saw that during 2 weeks of Lettly trial, the tool accounted for 7% of the revenue. It also accounted for 5,4% of the traffic on our site and had the highest conversion rate (4,23%) amongst all the different channels we use to promote ourselves during the trial period. For the first 2 weeks of the regular Lettly service, we accounted 9,2% of the revenue, so almost the double of what we achieved during the trial period!

What is the best engagement trigger which works best for your brands? Contest? Giveaways? Quiz? How active are your fans?

Definitely to do giveaways with good products from strong brands! Often, the tech products are the best trigger to engage. The good strategy is to ask followers to tag some friends so they also have the chance to win a price together and to follow our account. Our last giveaway gave us a 1000 more followers and an incredible number of 5000 comments and tags.

You focus on Norwegian customers (based on the language used on Instagram). Do you consider finding more international fans?

Currently we have the Norwegian market in focus, we do however get approached by people from all over the world with questions whether we ship abroad. Currently, we are satisfied by having Norway as our focus and want to build a strong brand here the next years to come, with the vision to go across borders in a few years.


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