How to deal with customer service on social media?


Brands are still not able to use the full potential of social media. The average business responds to only 11 per cent of the people who reach out to them on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, according to a report from Sprout Social. Time might be at fault. Companies are just too busy sending out promotions. They distribute 23 promotional messages for every response they send to their audiences on social media according to the survey.

How long does it take you to answer your customer’s questions on Facebook?

Social media is the first place where majority of respondents turn when they have issues with products or services, according to the report. 90 per cent of them say they have used social apps to communicate directly with brands. Most of those messages are ignored, and even when brands do respond, people wait an average 10 hours to hear back. 30 per cent said they would switch to a competitor if a brand fails to respond, even though most people consider under 4 hour reasonable.

Marka vs. klient



If American Target can manage with customer service on Facebook, you can do it as well! The brand hires special team just to answers questions on Facebook and gives advice. You certainly don’t need a team, but a person who will deal with customer service on a daily basis is a must have!

How quick of a response would you expect from the company that employs more than 16 thousand people? How helpful their response can be? Is it even possible to count on a personalised answer?


Jet Blue Airways

Currently supported by approx. team of 30 people. It answers an average 3000 queries per day. The team always individually responds to compliments and complaints and sometimes even serves a few surprises along the way. One of the passengers expressed dissatisfaction on Twitter with an unexpected charge of a place in the plane. It turned out that the price list has just changed. Although Jet Blue Airways headquarters  are in Salt Lake City, the managers contacted the branch of Logan Airport on Boston. After analysing the passenger profile on Twitter, they found him waiting at the terminal and will make a personal explanation. Team of Jet Blue Airways usually responds to customers inquiries via Twitter (giving up on telephone hotline).

Jet Blue has a very fast response time. The answer often appears a few minutes after the questions. However, there is no time pressure on the team! The stress is on the customer services. Jet Blue is focused on engagement. The interactions are organic and natural. It’s a way to reach customers and add values to services and interact with the users.
What customers except from the customer service on social media?

  • The immediate solution to the problem. Even if it means redirecting to another department which will give the answer or help.
  • It’s important that the customer will not repeat himself every time.
  • Person working in customer service should have wide knowledge about the product or service and demonstrate their understanding. As for Jet Blue Airlines, procedures and services are important, but as well as the philosophy of the company.


One of Samsung’s customers wrote a message asking to sponsor  latest product, motivating it by the fact that he is a regular customer and has already bought many products. He attached a drawing of the dragon. As expected, he didn’t get the new model of the smartphone, but in response, the customer service center draw a kangaroo for him. This correspondence went viral, generating thousands of comments. As a result, the customer received brand new Samsung smartphone with a personalized touch.

Untitled design

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Just one post has caused a spectacular discussion about sizing system in fashion industry. Ruth Clements from the UK post selfie from changing room on her profile. Pants and top in the size she usually wears were way to small. Although the situation is common in the changing rooms, it sparked a debate in social media by engaging customers and H&M. The post was commented by 10 000 people. It sometimes is enough to trigger a hot debate and even an online storm.

Through social media like Facebook and Twitter consumers connect to the community. They can share their opinions, regardless of time or place. In this way, consumers have a great potential and greater strength. In addition, they can communicate much faster and more accurately than ever before. This means that as soon as you launched a brand, it can be destroyed in the blink of the eye.

What you can learn from those examples?

  • Select the main social channel that will be used for customer service. Mainly it’s Facebook or Twitter.
  • Of course, client can send a message via Messenger or What’s Up and even as a direct message on Instagram. Monitor data on all media in which your brand is present.
  • Not many brands can afford to respond to customer’s inquiries within 10 minutes. Monitor social media on regular basis, but at the same time determine (and inform on social media) what is the availability of customer service.
  • Make sure that someone from the customer service team will sign the response (as in the posts of Sainsbury’s)
  • From the very beginning set the tone of the conversation. Check how to interact with your consumers: Nike, Starbucks, HubSpot

Efficient customer service is not everything. Of course, it often happens that the customer directly raises the question or complaint to the brand. However, in order to have instant access to information about the company in social media as well as classic media (forums, blogs, news sites, magazines) use the professional media monitoring. In cooperation with Brand24, NewsPoint or Brandwatch you will access all the opinions about your company, products or services and other brands. Media monitoring also means that you will get to know the most influential authors of the reviews about your products or services (positive as well as negative).
Monitoring the Internet is not just a passive observation. You can respond in real-time mentions of your company. Build a relationship with your customers and build a network of ambassadors of your brand.

Thanks of the media monitoring:

  •         You can check how effective is your brand marketing and PR
  •         You can check your image and the image of other brands from the same industry
  •         You can examine the reach of the publications
  •         You can find sale’s leads

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