Remarketing is now considered one of the most effective forms of advertising in online marketing. For conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing, we recommend using our new feature – conversion pixel. How do you install conversion pixel on your Lettly panel and check it’s working? Follow 5 easy steps and change the way you do online marketing!

Regardless whether you want to increase sales, the number of newsletter subscriptions or simply build awareness of the brand, remarketing can be really an effective element of advertising. What is the secret behind the popularity of remarketing?


Remarketing involves targeting your ads to people who previously visited your website or online store. Every day your potential customers browse dozens of different websites. With remarketing, you can keep in touch with your potential clients – remind them about specific products or service they were looking at before. Everything because of the conversion pixel (a special code that is inserted into the page source). Those customers who for some reasons didn’t  buy anything, may come across this product e.g. on Facebook.

In case of Google, they will find ads pop up when they are looking for something else in the search. In case of Facebook, it’s possible to get to know what the user was reading about on the blog before, which products from the online store they were interested in. On this basis, you can easily tailor your ads to the people who most probably will check this out. This makes marketing a lot easter. You can remind your potential customers about the products they have seen few hours or days ago.

Basically, it means, that you can select target groups for the campaigns on Facebook more accurately. Specific ads appear on the right side or between the news on Facebook. Test what is better for your business. it is not said that the ads which appear between the news on Facebook are more effective. Experiment with different mobile devices.

conversion pixel


Static remarketing

Direct from the Facebook tools you can choose static remarketing. This means that the person who clicks on an ad (doesn’t matter what she or he was checking on the website), will see the ad with general offer.

Dynamic remarketing

Shows ads to people who have visited your site, taking into account what they already checked at the online store.


Why exactly the remarketing is so popular?

First of all, the cost of customer acquisition is much lower. After all, it’s very often, that the advertising goes to people who are not interested in your products, and those people will not click  on your ad. When using remarketing, advertising display only for those people on Facebook who were browsing products (visited online store and saw the product).


Secondly, you have the opportunity to narrow the audience for the specific ads. Recipients of the advertisement can be marked as those who have read the article on the blog, were at the end of the shopping chain but for the unknown reasons abandoned the basket. So the ads will be displayed only for those who haven’t finished the transaction.


Last but not least, you can decide what kind of content will be shown to specific groups of customers. It is possible to check who read the latest blogpost and then you can offer him or her another article from your blog.

You can just narrow the audience, when someone saw the product in the online store and connect it to other event. Do you sell men’s clothing? Just connect the targeting with users who read men fashion blogs.

conversion pixel


How to start with pixel retargeting in Lettly?

Just go to your account on Power Editor. Then go to Assets and clic on Pixels.

conversion pixel Find your individual user ID.

conversion pixel Copy and paste it to the Lettly panel.

conversion pixel

conversion pixel

When you activate your pixel, you will be able to add users to the remarketing list and prepare ads tailored for them. And voila!

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