Instagram became an important sales channel for brands and today we want to prove that even traditional products can be successfully promoted on Instagram. It is time to show you how successfully knitting together the oldschool craft with digital media and introduce you to the We Are Knitters’ Instagram strategy.




We Are Knitters was founded in 2011, after cofounders Pepita Marin and Alberto Bravo were on a business trip with one of the “Big Five” multinational accounting firms that they both were working for. While in New York, they saw someone knitting and that sparked an idea.


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We Are Knitters’s trademark products


They are now trying to create a “knitting renaissance”, where the image of knitting is reinvented in a way that allows it to adapt and flourish in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. The new/gen x knitters where the ones who got the brand off the ground at the beginning.


case study we are knitters


Having such a specific target group, it is obvious that the brand communicates with their fans through different social media channels. As for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, the brand can easily link their activity to the online shop. With only one clickable link on Instagram it has not been that easy before.



Instagram generates the most engagement from all brand’s social media channels. Over the past year, the traffic coming from Instagram had increased almost 17x. After implementing Lettly, We Are Knitters could finally use their Instagram images, mainly created by ambassadors and customers, to not only promote, but most importantly sell their products. The strategy proved to be successful – their Instagram user generated content resulted in 10x increase in conversion from Instagram and beat Facebook when it comes to sales generation.

After implementing shoppable Instagram features:



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“Instagram has a huge direct impact on our sales because of the huge effect it can have on our overall image and reach – the amount of interaction that we can directly have helps immensly with this also. When we do something as simple as “regramming” a photo by one of our customers, it has a ripple effect. People love to feel that companies listen and care about them, and by reposting images they can see that there is a person behind the Brand” 

Francesca Ling, social media manager


case study We Are Knitters
We Are Knitters


As a company that primarily functions as an ecommerce business, We Are Knitters is constantly updating and shifting their strategy to stay on the edge of effective sales solutions. Francesca admits that “with applications like Lettly, we can create a more seamless sales strategy – especially by being able to tap into the “impulse” that customers may have when seeing our products”.


Stay tuned for the interview with Francesca to find out more about the brand and their shopable experience on Instagram.


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