How social media would look like next year? How brands will use social media channels to connect and engage with their fans? Check social media trends for 2017! 

1. Video rules the world!

It’s not only YouTube, which wins greater recognition among social media channels but also Facebook is considered to focus more on video and its production. Even infographics can be made as a video!

trends for 2017

What might hold marketers back? We all know that video content demands more time for preparation, is more expensive to produce – especially the valuable and good quality one. But sooner or later, the lame excuses as “I’m not an expert at making a video or editing the material” will need to end, because Facebook already for some time has been ranking live videos higher in the news feed

Facebook video is on top of the statistics, closely followed by the YouTube video, Instagram and Snapchat. All of those platforms focus on visual content which seems more and more like THE CONTENT of the coming time.

Despite the excitement around live video during 2016, the majority of marketers (74%) have yet to begin experimenting with live video content. Only 27% businesses broadcast any live video content in 2016 so far.
Taking those finding into account, which of the channels do you plan to add to your marketing efforts in the next 12 months?

2. Facebook is (still) the king!

Despite some drops in organic reach of Facebook, the market stays stable – with almost every marketer using Facebook (93%) and Facebook ads (91%). However, it’s not a secret to know that if you don’t promote your content, nothing will happen!

What is more, Facebook still appears as a leader when it comes to paid marketing spend. The first three social media channels used for paid ads are as followed: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, there is a huge gap between first and second positions as Facebook gained 91% and Twitter – 34% (Instagram got 27%).
Social media marketing seems to have become a staple of marketing budgets at the majority of businesses. In 2016, 42% of respondents from Buffer study saw an increase in spend compared to 2015, with only 7% of companies decreasing their social media marketing budgets.

3. Social media customer service gets more attention!

How long do your customers need to wait for the reply from you? Researches say that if it’s more than 4 hours, it will only discourage people…

2017 will be a change. Some businesses are already figured out that customer services is extremely important for the image of the brand. In fact 1 in 5 companies consider having some social media channels just because they could connect with their customers and answers their questions.  

trends for 2017

4. Snapchat and Instagram Stories on top of the minds!

The marketers are excited about the growing potential of Instagram and Snapchat with ¼ of marketers saying they’re looking to add the platforms to their channels this coming year.

Despite this fact, 71% of businesses taking part in the study have never created Snapchat or Instagram Story!

trends for 2017

The graph shows 2 major findings:
1) Only few business decided to communicate through Stories
2) Instagram is more popular when it comes to creating Stories than Snapchat.

trends for 2017


Tell us what are your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions?


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