Vetements has 624 000 followers on Instagram, Acne Studios: 1,3 million. It doesn’t matter if you are small or big brand though. Korean brand Kye has 32 500 followers, cosmetic brand Glossier has 260 000 followers and jewelry brand Baublebar: 353 000. So how to start your brand’s Instagram empire?


If you have beauty or fashion brand, Instagram should be one of your main social channels. Content linked to the trends is just perfect for Instagram! There are so many tools which help you build community like targeting your email subscribers or people who have visited even once your blog or online shop. It’s better to focus on valuable followers than just keep increasing numbers.

Instagram is the new business card! Instead of official website, customers would firstly go and check products on Instagram. If they want to interact with the brand, its, again, seems to be the most natural way. It means preparing the strategy, and being consistent (every day or even sometimes few times a day), organizing contests and interacting with the followers.

Here are the main steps to kick off with Instagram!

  1.    Define your goals

Before you publish your first post, ask yourself why you want the brand to be present on Instagram? What are you intend to achieve posting pictures and videos? Is it stronger brand visibility on social media or rather focusing on specific socio-demographic group? Do you want to get more followers?

Don’t forget about ROI. Keep in mind that all your Instagram activities should have purchasing in mind. You might invest a lot in photographs and styling and turn out that you are not reaching your customers. Your profile can have hundreds of followers but no likes or thousands of likes but no so valuable comments.

First step for the Instagram beginner is to gain some followers. Go through your newsletter’s leads, your fans from other social media channels or even kick off with the Instagram campaign to reach people who already are interested in your brand. Keep in mind that it’s not number race. Just have smaller community which engage than some random people who are not interested in your brand.

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  1.       Highlight your brand’s identity

Start with following brands which are similar to yours or brands which generally have similar philosophy. Analyze their content strategy, check what they post on Instagram. Learn a little bit about how they communicate with their fans, how they engage with the followers.

Determine your aesthetic on Instagram. This is a must! Instagram is for beautiful storytelling! Think about your strategy. What are you going to post? It should stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to be remind that there so many new brands. How to attract people? Maybe concentrate on colours? Post only images with blue or green shades? Glossier picked pink and pastels. Many design brands go recently for monochrome.

With new update Instagram Stories give another possibility to invite your fans into the backstage world or everyday world of the brand. Don’t invest too much money in the production. Keep it authentic and natural. That’s the most effective way  to get some likes.

  1.    Get a following

How do you get followers when you have none? One option is to promote. If you decided to have organic reach, start engaging with the followers from similar brands! Clever isn’t it? Use hashtags similar to those which the brands use. Contact brands which you have a lot in common and propose e.g. cross marketing. You could post something on their account and they will write blogpost for you. Consider working with influencers. It could be even asking to curate your Instagram account for the whole day. You will definitely get some more followers and likes because the influencer will inform his or her fans about this action. That’s why it’s important to find the person who has similar aesthetics, believes or work philosophy. The next trick is to start promoting your new Instagram channel on other social media like Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Post at the right time

You can have the most interesting content in the world but when you publish it at the bad time (majority of your followers can sleep), it’s not going to get much engagement. First of all, check your fan’s location and prepare post schedule. When do users check social media? For example on the way to school or work or during lunch break. But don’t be strict with this. Experiment with the posting time. No one said that you have to post at 9.00am sharp!

And just to give you a piece of good advice: don’t post too many images from just one event. It’s just boring! You don’t want to decrease the engagement or number of your followers…

  1.    When all else fails, post some flowers or animals!

Don’t be disappointed after reading many articles about tips and tricks on social media. There is so many types of business, brands and marketing advices. Sometimes totally opposites like where should you put hashtags – in the captions or in the comment section??? The only advice which truly works is to experiment with the content, look for the best option for your brand and be very consistent at the same time.

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