Nowadays, social media is the most important channel to help the brand build audience and compete with others. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat not only serve to share funny pictures of kittens. They are the main marketing platforms. What engagement on social media means?

Brands have become less anonymous and more available to customers. Users want to identify with the values claimed by the company and want to aspire to the lifestyle promoted by the brand. What the brand can get in return? Engagement. The user follows the brand, checks their profile on a regular basis – whether something new has been published and shares the content with friends. Engagement can also mean leaving a comment, asking questions, discussing or taking part in competitions. The keys to success are efficient online campaigns, well-tailored content and managing accounts with the brand’s DNA.




How to interact?

Plan. Plan and once again plan every post in advance. Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat confirmed that the market turned away from traditional media based on text and moved to visual media. For managing visual content you can use numerous apps for post planning.

However, nothing is a substitute for organic engagement. Make sure to answer all questions, keep the conversation alive by responding to the comments. Keep in mind that despite the fact that social media focuses on informal conversations, the courtesy of speech still applies.


What kind of language?

Have you decided that once a week you will post a picture from the production line and on Fridays advice on styling? Excellent! Content, pictures and hashtags should correspond with the language which is used by the target group. Is your product dedicated to teenagers or a specific industry? Keep in mind that social media is used to shorten the distance. That’s why you should not use too much official language – especially in responding to customer’s inquiries. Users expect that the same language will be similar in all social channels.

When do you want to post? The content should be carefully planned and professionally prepared.  Photos, videos and text. Content that you post must be something more than just the fulfillment of daily tasks in the content plan. Don’t just plainly answer the questions but engage and redirect to other segments e.g. to the other brand profile on social media or to the online shop or even to another article published on the blog.


What kind of content?

Maybe it seems trivial, but the time to post, the number of hashtags or the amount of cross-marketing matter. People who take over the profile of the brand for one day should be carefully selected and the strategy well-thought out. Don’t overdo it with too many hashtags and number of posts per day. And take social media seriously. There is nothing wrong with shipping part of your personality to the brand’s profile, but keep in mind that it’s the company’s channel – not yours.




Here are some tips on how to engage users to build a community around the brand on social media:

Rise brand awareness

Even if you offer the best service or product but people don’t know about it – forget about engagement. Marketing research carried out by Adroit Digital claims that up to 75 per cent  of the information found on social media profiles have an impact on purchasing decisions. Content that you post can really help! Spread your feed!

Boost your search engine ranking

Probably you already use SEO to increase the brand’s online presence. Social media is great way to support this action. The more sites that link to your site, the higher rank your website gets in the search engine. If you post a link to your page on Twitter, you will increase visibility of the page in the search results.

Content in social media is a signpost to a website and online store

Even the coolest website in the world is worth nothing if no one enters it. Share the URL of the page as much as possible, and create creative content. Check the best practice in accessories segment  to get some inspirations!

Make your best offer visible

Spin the shopping through positive posts in social media. However, remember to balance promotional content and pure content. Follow the 80-20 rule. Use only 20 per cent of the content for promoting the products and services and 80 per cent to create stories that really interest and engage your audience.

Show your personality (or rather brand’s identity)

Sometimes it’s worth to talk about music, weather and local information. It builds a broader picture of the brand and its values as well as language of communication. Context is all!

Learn more about your followers

Where are your customers? How old are they? Are they mostly men or women? Create a profile of the brand’s followers. With that information, it’s easier to schedule content on specific social media channels.

Reward loyalty

Every day there are users who like your pictures, posts or comments. This is an opportunity to cultivate good relationships. You can also comment, like or share a user’s photo.


Don’t just “do” social media. Your brand can be best in class for social media marketing. We can perform a successful audit for you! Leave an email and Instagram link and we will contact you soon!



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