Generally, using an Instagram isn’t difficult. You know – just take a picture, set the filter, write a few words and that’s it. But if everyone can use Instagram, it becomes important to know how to use it BETTER than the others. We put together 10 Instagram tips to upgrate your skills.


The best filters

Canva, digital design company, has checked which filters collect the largest amounts of likes. It turned out that the most popular filter is Clarendon, which deepens the shadows and makes the colors more intense. When you’re taking pictures of food, Canva proposed you to use the Skyline, but when it comes to landscape the best option is Valencia. Fashion pictures look prettiest in Kelvin, but if you are doing selfie, better let go of the filters – it turned out that the best assessed portraits are without any embellishments.




And instead of filters?

If you don’t want to use filters, because you think that your picture will be too „Instagrammed”, you can improve the quality of your photos anyway, by using the built-in tools. They allow you to manipulate the brightness, contrasts, color temperature and much more. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Level: master

The fact, that the only way to upload the photos is using a phone, doesn’t mean that you should use it for taking them. A lot of people use the expensive camera equipment to ensure their followers see best quality pictures, which really important when you present products like clothes on Instagram. A large number of photos is also firstly edited in Photoshop or other advanced programs. But remember, less is more, don’t overdo it!


Just in time

Analysts from Latergram.me – a service that allows users to manage and schedule Instagram posts – revealed, that most liked posts were published at 6 am and 5 pm – it’s so because people usually check their Instagram immediately after waking up or just before the end of the workday. The worst hours for the photo publication are 9 am and 6 pm. As for the day – the most liked are pictures uploaded on Wednesday, but there isn’t a large difference between each days.





Even a great quality, imaginative photo may not create a traffic you expected, if you don’t use the appropriate hashtags. Try to use the ones that are closely related to the picture (and its location, if it’s relevant). You can also create your own hashtags that will be used for the visibility of your company, or to get a laugh. Be specific, be relevant and be observant.



If you want to build a stable brand on Instagram, you should regularly publish posts, so your followers will know when to expect them. They really notice it! If you suddenly slow down the pace, your followers may be disappointed. Our most successful customers post varied content few times a day (2-3 posts).


Share post in applications related to Instagram

Operate in omni-channel! Promote your Instagram or individual posts via other social media channels to drive traffic between different media.




…or not!

Just visit the Instagram by the computer, click on three dots under the image, choose Photo Page, then open the menu button again and select the Embed option – and now you can paste in on your website or blog.


Use Instagram apps

Maybe you do not know, but Instagram is more than just the Instagram APP. The company has three related applications – Hyperlapse, to make time-laps videos, Layout – to make collaged images, and boomerang for creating simple and short videos. We found few apps that may help you optimize your Instagram experience.


Let them tag!

Make your followers tag you on photos with your product. Like them, comment and even share – when they see that it brings them profits, they will be more likely to show your product on their profiles. It sounds like a free advertising campaign. Francesca Ling from We Are Knitters told us: “Our customers love it when we repost their pictures and take the time to respond to questions and comments that we receive – it really helps to boost the overall level of customer satisfaction and involvement.”


As you can see, in a few simple steps, you can become a master of Instagram!


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